Venue Info

Venue Information

The following pages have most of the main information regarding the venue in regards to the different areas, capacities and what you can do at the North Shore Events Centre.  If you cant find what you are after, feel free to Contact Us

CDLogo_1.jpg  The North Shore Events Centre is a Civil Defence Welfare Centre when the need arises.

Car Park

North Shore Events Centre (“NSEC”) car park area

The NSEC car park will continue to be monitored daily and those vehicles wanting to park all day in the car park will need to display an official “NSEC Supporters Pass”.

Parking conditions are signposted at the entrance to the car park and can be viewed in the following document: NSEC Car Park Information

As part of your supporters pack there will be the opportunity to secure tickets to specified events during the year and invitations to attend social activities.

There are options to pay either a monthly or annual payment as detailed below. 
Annual Supporters package         $480
Monthly Supporters package        $45
Daily supporter                                $5
Term Supporter (w/ Student ID)    $95

Passes can be purchased from the North Shore Events Centre office Mon- Fri 10am-4pm or outside of these times by arrangement. Please phone 9164731 for further information or email [email protected]

The NSEC reserve the right to close the car park to supporters and provide “event parking only” if a major event is being hosted at the North Shore Events Centre. These days will be kept to a minimum and be notified to you well in advance so you can make prior arrangements.
Main Stadium

The Main Stadium is where the majority of the action takes place at the Events Centre.

The main stadium is a 2412m2 (71m x 34m) clear area with a sprung "parquet" sports floor.

This accommodates 4 full size basketball, netball and volleyball courts and also has 6 badminton courts marked out.

At the east and west ends of the stadium are two retractable bleacher units that can be erected on the main stadium floor and seat 965 and 980 people respectively. This setup is typically used for large scale spectator sporting events like netball and basketball.

The floor area is often utilized for expo's, trade shows and large (over 800 people) banquet dinners. In those instances the main stadium is cleared and we lay carpet over the sports floor.

We also host concerts and seminars, and in those instances we can use the seating units and place interlocking chairs on the main stadium floor. We can accommodate over 2000 chairs on the floor alone for seating concerts. These chairs along with the other seating we have at the Events Centre gets us to a maximum capacity for concerts of just under 5000 people.

Overlooking the main stadium of the events centre are our North and South mezzanine areas.

Each area can be hired separately from other parts of the Centre but be aware that both spaces are open to the Main Stadium area, and therefore open to any noise and activity that happen there.
North Mezzanine

The North Mezzanine is a large multipurpose space that overlooks the main stadium. In the past the North Mezzanine has been home to: North Harbour Cricket, who had an indoor cricket net erected on the floor and the Icon Trampoline club who funnily enough had there trampolines setup in the area.

The area is also used as display space for Expo's and Trade Shows held at the Centre.

With the retractable seating unit closed away the North Mezzanine has a clear floor area of 433 m2, (51m x 8.5m).

Along the front of the North Mezzanine are 132 permanent bench seats that provide spectator viewing for activities happening in the main stadium.

When in position the North Mezzanine retractable seating unit can accommodate 576 spectators.
South Mezzanine

The South Mezzanine was added to the Events Centre in 2001 when we extended the facility to increase our seated capacity for events.

The South Mezzanine features a large retractable seating unit (as show in the photo) that accommodates 1000 spectators in plastic bucket seats.

On both ends of the retractable unit are permanent bench seats for 95 people.

The total seated capacity of the South mezzanine is therefore 1190.
Kings Lounge

For Lounge information please go to the Conferences section of the website for full information
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